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Henson's Preparation Goes Beyond the Court

The newest member of the KTA family is Djimon Henson, an explosive scoring guard out of Morehead State University. The 6’3 Indianapolis, Indiana native just wrapped up a successful 4 year college career where he appeared in all 32 games for the Eagles last season, averaging 10.4 PPG in the competitive Ohio Valley Conference.

Currently, Henson is doing everything he can to stay ready for when his first professional opportunity presents itself. Despite not being on the NBA radar, Henson is confident that he can find his way in the professional ranks overseas. Rather than getting down on himself about the fact that he is still a free agent, Henson has been working on improving his game while also keeping an open mindset throughout the process. “I’ve been keeping faith in God, he has all the answers. My mindset is to not to get too high or get too low. My hard work will pay off because what you do in the dark will come to the light.” Henson said when discussing his expectations for his professional career. “Eventually the opportunity is going to show itself, and I know I’ll be ready when that happens. I’ve just been taking it one day at a time.”

When asked about his workout routines this past summer, Henson described how he has taken more of a professional approach while focusing on improving his game to adapt to the professional level. “Every day I take care of my body; from the way I eat, to my sleeping habits and my workouts. I usually work out twice a day.” Henson said. “I’ve been working on handling the ball more, coming off screens and shooting off the dribble, just being more consistent and playing hungrier.”

With Hensons drive and determination, it is only a matter of time for his first professional opportunity to present itself. Whether that's next week in Europe, this winter in South America or early 2021 after the craziness of the pandemic, he is ready to help a team win. What separates Henson from most players though is his positive outlook and not worrying about anyone else's path. This is a mindset that is difficult to teach and, if continually practiced, it will set him up for success in his basketball career, in addition to the rest of his life.

Watch the full interview with Djimon below:


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