Kreation Talent is a boutique agency which represents professional basketball players around the world.

The sports representation industry is oversaturated and cut throat. We use our own playing experience, international relationships and comprehensive client attention to differentiate from the competition and create opportunities for our clients on and off the court.

KTA Founder, Kevin Tarca, has spent the last several years immersing himself in basketball cultures around the world. He has visited 33 countries (and counting) and built a positive and trustworthy reputation at the NBA, G-League and overseas levels.

Millions of young and motivated athletes around the globe aspire to take their career to the highest professional level. At KTA we believe in order to reach the highest level as a pro you must have elite talent, consistent work ethic, humble behavior and believe it or not a little bit of luck (being in the right place at the right time).

It is important to surround yourself with a team that fights for you just as hard as you fight for yourself. That is where we come into play.


We strive to #kreate opportunities for long term success!