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Anthony Green Continues Improving During Adversity

With the 2020 season upon us, free agent big man Anthony Green is doing everything he can to stay ready for his next professional opportunity. After a strong rookie season with Basquet Coruna of LEB Oro in Spain last year, Green is currently waiting for his next contract. The Quincy, Massachusetts native is no stranger to adversity throughout his basketball career. At the age of 14 Green was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes; a rare disease amongst professional athletes. “I was losing weight at an unbelievable pace, my body was eating away at itself,” Green said when discussing how he was feeling leading up to his diagnosis. Despite all the setbacks, Green has been able to persevere and find success at every level, winning championships at the high school, prep, and collegiate levels.

The diagnosis also gave him a new perspective and approach to life. “From then on I had the mindset of ‘you never know what lies ahead,’ so I just have to make the most out of everything,” Green explained. He has also recently been focusing on using his platform to connect with and give back to the diabetic community. “For me, I never really had anyone that was going through what I was going through [at that age].” Green knows the chance to be that outlet for younger kids could be tremendously impactful.

Other than spending his time giving back, this summer Green has focused on improving and expanding his skill set. Helping him along the way has been ATF Athletix, one of the premier training services in Massachusetts; training players from the high school all the way to the NBA level. “Being able to work out with all of those high caliber players and to get out of my comfort zone has been really good for me,” Green said. His focus has specifically been zoned in on improving his conditioning and expanding his game outside of the low post. Showing these improvements will be vital to Green getting his next opportunity at the professional level overseas. With all of the adversity that Green has already experienced throughout his career, there is no doubt this “waiting game” will only be a temporary period during his professional career.

Watch the full interview with Anthony Green below:


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